History Sweeper

History Sweeper 3.29

Clean all traces of computer usage


  • Easy to use
  • Cleans app, internet and windows traces


  • Not as fully featured as other similar tools

Not bad

History Sweeper keeps your system clean from traces of use such as cookies, auto-complete data, recent document lists and other items.

Thanks to History Sweeper you can keep your privacy safe from prying eyes, as well as gaining some valuable disk space back. The program doesn't just remove traces from the computer, but also cleans temporary files and empties the Recycle Bin, all with a single click.

Using History Sweeper is really simple. The interface includes four tabs – three of them devoted to cleaning Internet, Windows and Applications traces respectively – and a fourth one for Settings. Just tick the appropriate options according to the elements you want to clean and hit the Sweep button.

History Sweeper is quick and efficient, but it doesn’t include as many features and details as we’ve seen in other similar tools.

History Sweeper helps you keep your computer clean from temporary files, usage traces and other junk items.

Did you know that Windows maintains an “unseen” history of all of your PC activities, including files you have opened, websites visited, e-mails sent, logins and passwords, etc? It is important to understand that even having taken steps to “delete” files, cookies, search terms, browser history, etc., your data and activity remains on your PC “unseen.

This leaves a history of all of your PC activity available to anyone who may currently have or someday gain access to your computer, be it family, employer, colleague, legal, PC maintenance, shared network, wireless network, or hacker sources. In addition, when you are on the Internet, you may have downloaded intrusive devices such as cookies, bugs, and spyware onto your computer. The intrusive devices may strike at any time.

To truly erase this information off of the hard drive requires a deeper professional “cleaning” of your computer that is provided by History Sweeper software. History Sweeper is very simple and quick to use, and can provide you with the peace-of-mind of knowing that your personal activity and information will remain private and protected.

By maintaining this history of all your PC activity and “deleted” files, the performance of your PC is impacted with less efficient use of the disk space and disk mapping. History Sweeper serves as a very beneficial general PC maintenance program, saving storage space, allowing more efficient mapping, and improving the overall performance of your PC in the process.

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